Kripa Bhavan

Address: KRIPA Providence Home,Chunangamvely ,Erumathala P.O, Aluva    Reservation Line: 9539839953, 9074241011

You can join with us

We invite you if you dislike dependency,
If, to be unwanted and avoided, is the last thing you want,
If you want to do something with your limited time and resources,

Join hands with KRIPA

To help the people with disabilities to be self- reliant in their lives………..
Assuring them that somebody will be there to extend a hand when they fall……….

You can Be;
A volunteer, to spend your valuable time to motivate the persons with disabilities according to your your interest area at KRIPA/ at your area,
(a) women with disabilities , (b) children, (c) old age, (d) young males (e) in organizing programmes

A member who gives ideas to start more programmes and projects

  • Life Member
  • Institution Member
  • Associate member

A liaison person between a donour/funding agency and KRIPA
A Sponsor, by providing financial support for the programmes at KRIPA
Annual Sponsorship for a disabled student – Rs. 3000/-

You can help us………

If you have anything in kind to give, Or If you are ready to offer a meal for our students, it will be a help for us.

If you are a resource person you can take classes for our students / groups of disabled in communities

If you are an employer you can help us by giving placements to our trainees

If you are interested in our products, purchase our umbrellas/books/envelops/candles.